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Luca McGill  - Publisher, Transparency Advocate, Expert Trader

UPDATED: December 27, 2022 · min read

With many prop firms hitting the market each year, people now have various options to consider when subscribing to a financially assisted trading program.

However, finding the most legitimate one is still a challenge, especially for those new to trading.

We review different prop trading firms in detail to help you know which suits you better.

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Not to mention, the TickTickTrader review is one of the most requested reviews so far.

Before we uncover it in detail, let's quickly go through its short introduction. 

What Is TickTick Trader?

TickTick Trader is a prop trading firm based in Romania. The company is owned and controlled by professionals with years of experience in the futures trading industry.

The firm offers financial assistance to help clients in discovering their trading potential without risking their own funds.

Enabling you to reach your objectives without being constrained by limitations that eventually result in your failure, the company empowers you with multiple platforms and necessary tools and data. 

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How Does TickTick Funded Trader Evaluation Works?

Considering the needs of all its stakeholders, the firm has streamlined its evaluation process.

Clients need to register with the firm, select an assessment plan, setup their account, connect to a trading platform, pass evaluation and get funded. 

getting funded process

The company's assessment programs come in 04 variants: Starter, Advanced, Pro and Express.

Offered capital starts at $25K and ranges up to $100K.

Depending on your preferences and budget, you may select any evaluation program, pay the relevant subscription fee, follow the rules, and reach the profit target.

Upon successful qualification, the company immediately offers you access to your desired capital. 

With their express evaluation, you can even pass within 1 day. 

Is TickTick Trader A Valid Funded Program?

Yes! TickTick Trader is a valid funded program. Their 6 founders are based in Europe and are well capitalized. 

The company has earned a reputation for its transparency and competitiveness.

The company is reliable in its payments, in addition to its flexible accounts and simple eligibility requirements.

The company also takes great satisfaction in the fact that it has skilled and dedicated individuals who toil tirelessly to enhance clients' futures trading experience with the firm. 

Do I Recommend TickTick Trader?

TickTick Trader review has been a popular request from people who wanted to know if they should get a funded account with the company.

So to let you know what I thought of the TickTick Trader when I first encountered its website, allow me to share some words.

I truly became impressed by the features it offers and the reputation it has earned over the years.

While there are no minimum trading days requirements, you can trade your way and get quick access to your desired capital.

Further, you don't have to be consistent with your earnings.

Moreover, the company allow clients to get payouts soon after exceeding the safety threshold.

ticktick trader trust pilot review

Once again, you don't have to wait for a certain period between your payout requests.

However, the company shares 50% of your profits when you ask for an early payout, which could be a concern for some clients.

Finally, the company holds an excellent reputation amongst clients.

With a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on Trustpilot, the company deserves to be on the list of most recommended companies.

TickTick Trader Key Data



9 / 10

Number of Steps:


Trailing Drawdown:


Scaling Plan:


Daily Drawdown:




Holiday Trading:


News Trading:


Evaluation Offerings

10 / 10

Account Sizes:

$25,000 to $100,000

Account Types:


Tradable Contracts:

4 to 140

Tradable Instruments

9 / 10

Equity Futures:


Interest Rate Futures:


Currency Futures:


Agricultural Futures:


Energy Futures:


Metal Futures:


Micro Futures:


Crypto Futures:


Software & Data

9 / 10

Free License Key for Jigsaw & Book Map:


Free Real-time Data:


Multiple Accounts:


Trade Copier Available:



9 / 10

Response Time:

<5 mins

Language Support:


Dashboard Flatten Accounts:


Value for Money

9 / 10

Monthly Data Fees Per Account:

$12 Per Month Per Market

Reset Price:


Coupons Available:


Free Reset On Renewal:


Profits split percentage:

100% of the first three months, and then the company keeps 10 % (90:10)

Withdrawal Frequency:


TickTick Review - Pros and Cons

While TickTick Trader has a few benefits, there are also some drawbacks. Let's enlist them both. 


  • Cost Structure: The company offers a competitive cost structure.
  • License: It offers a free Jigsaw Tradr and Book Map license key.
  • Low Restrictions: It employs minimum trading restrictions and allows clients to open/close positions during news releases or public holidays. 
  • Flexible Payouts: It allows clients to withdraw funds without restricting them to trading for specific days.
  • Customer Support: It offers excellent customer support round-the-clock.


  • Limited Products: The firm offers a limited number of accounts. 
  • High Retention On Early Payouts: It takes 50% of your profits if you withdraw funds early.
  • High Limit On Payouts: It has higher minimum payout limits, i-e., $1000 

Is TickTick Trader Legit or Scam?

Yes! TickTick Trader is a legit prop firm.

The company is known for its user-friendly evaluation rules and payout consistency.

Unlike other prop firms, the company doesn't offer substantial referral bonuses to entice clients.

You only receive a one-time commission on your referrals, which means that firm knows its standings and doesn't bother too much about clientele onboarding. 

Why Choose TickTick Trader?

While there are multiple reasons to choose TickTick Trader, let us highlight a few.

The company doesn't apply time constraints, allowing clients the maximum flexibility to explore trading opportunities.

For instance, you don't have to complete a minimum number of days to qualify. Also, you can claim payouts anytime during the month.

Moreover, the company offers a 1-step evaluation process, saving you time and effort to get you to access your desired capital.

Free access to Bookmap, Ninja Trader, and end-of-the-day drawdown are some other reasons you may consider choosing TickTrader. 

What Are The Commissions?

TickTick Trader commissions seem aligned with average industry standards.

The company charges a commission of $0.6 per side or $1.20 per round trip for trading micro contracts.

On the other hand, You have to pay a commission of $5 per round trip on your mini contracts.

Notably, the company considers your profile's fees and commissions when determining your daily drawdown.

Therefore, you must remain cautious and ensure that you don't lose more than specified.

Does TickTick Trader Support Multiple Accounts?

Yes! TickTick Trader does support multiple accounts as long as you open them using your master login credentials (same email ID).

However, creating various accounts for the same client is not allowed.

Moreover, trading the same product in multiple accounts is not permitted either. 

How Do Payouts Work?

The company release payments as and when requested.

The average processing time for payouts is between 1-5 business days. Supported payment methods include Paypal, ACH transfers, Wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

Clients are entitled to recieve their first payout after completing 40 days of trading.

However, there is no need to wait for the minimum trading days if you have already exceeded the safety threshold of your account.

The safety threshold refers to the minimum amount you must have in your account at any time. 

Note: Please remember to update your profile information and verify your identity to avoid any inconvenience in payouts. 

What Is The Payout Structure?

Clients can request a minimum withdrawal of $1,000. However, the limit doesn't apply to those meeting the withdrawal safety threshold.

The payout safety threshold is $1,600, $2,600, and $3,600 for $25K, 50K, and 100K accounts, respectively.

The company allows you to retain 100% of your profits for the first three months.

After that, the profit split percentage will be 90:10. 

Note: Clients can also ask for an early withdrawal after the withdrawal safety threshold is met. However, the company shares 50% of your profits in that case. For more updates on payout structure, please visit the company's website.

What Are The Funding Rules?

Clients have to follow the same rules for both evaluation and funded accounts.

The only distinction between funded and evaluation accounts is the Scaling System.

Scaling defines the maximum number of contracts clients can trade. 

You might return to the scaling plan as you build your balance.

Rules to Follow:

  1. Reach the profit target without hurting the daily loss limit.
  2. Avoid hitting or exceeding your drawdown limit.
  3. Stay within your allowed number of contracts when trading. 
  4. Make sure to enter and close positions within the allowed timings. 
  5. Avoid holding overnight positions, as they may lead you to disqualification. 

How Are Daily Loss Limit And Intraday Trailing Drawdown Calculated?

There is no intraday trailing drawdown. Instead, the firm employs a daily loss limit and end-of-the-day drawdown.

While the daily loss limit refers to the maximum amount an investor can lose on a trading day, the end-of-the-day drawdown involves netting off your profits and losses at the end of your trading day.

The drawdown remains fixed and doesn't change. 

What Is The TickTick Trader Discount Code?

The discount code enables you to receive discounts on the subscription fee for your selected plan.



💰40% Off Lifetime💰

Applies to 25k, 50k and 100k Pro Accounts


What Software Is Available?

TickTick Traders supports multiple platforms. However, you have one free license key for Bookmap, NinjaTrader or Jigsaw DayTradr. In addition, they offer a free tradnig 

Now it depends on you which platform you choose.

Moreover, if you already have a license key for several other platforms TickTickTrader supports, such as Rithmic Pro, Inside Edge, Motive Wave, Photon Trader, etc., you can use them as well. 

What Does It Cost To Reset?

The cost to reset is $85, and it is only available during the evaluation period.

Please note that you can only reset your Starter, Advanced and Pro accounts.

The 100K Express account doesn't come with a reset option. 

Pricing Breakdown

TickTick Trader's funded programmes come with affordable rates. Let's review the prices for each account below.

pricing breakdown

Starter Plan

Advanced Plan

Pro Plan

Express Plan






Subscription charges:

$145 Per Month

$160 Per Month

$285 Per Month

$99 Per 15 Days

Profit Targets:





Reset Fee:




Not Applicable

Main Alternatives Compared - TickTickTrader VS Apex Trader VS Topstep Trader

Although TickTick Trader funded trader evaluation program is a highly recommended prop trading firm, checking out other alternatives, such as Topstep and Apex, may still be worthwhile. 

To assist you in determining which firm best meets your needs, we have provided a brief comparison below.


TickTick Trader

Apex Trader Funding



Minimum Qualification Days



5 for Step 1; None for Step 2

Profit share

100% on first three months
90% afterwards

100% on first $25,000
80% afterwards

100% on first $5,000
90% afterwards

Trailing Drawdown


Holiday and News Trading


Allows Rithymic


Allows Ninja Trader


Allows TradingView


Allows Tradovate


Free reset on renewal


Evaluation Reset Price



$59 or $99

Withdrawal Frequency

Any time after satisfying the safety threshold

Twice a month


Qualified monthly data fees

$12 Per Month Per Market



Overall rating





First of all, let's review the evaluation process.

While Apex and Topstep require clients to complete a specific number of minimum days to qualify, TickTick Trader doesn't have such restrictions.

You can access funded accounts soon after reaching your target profits. 

Secondly, both Apex and Topstep need you to wait for a certain period between multiple payouts. However, that's different with TickTickTrader. 

Third, you get excellent customer support when dealing with TickTick Trader.

The average time the firm takes to respond is less than a minute.

More importantly, customer services are available round the clock, seven days a week.

On the other hand, Topstep facilitates clients during office hours from Monday to Friday, while Apex doesn't offer chat support at all. 

Further, TickTick has an upper edge regarding the pricing structure.

A $50K worth account comes for a $160 monthly subscription at TickTick, whereas you need to pay $167 at Apex, and Topstep charges you $165 for the same account level. 

TickTick Trader Review 2022 - Conclusion

After an in-depth review of TickTick Trader, we find ticktick trader a competitive choice for those looking for cheaper prop firms.

Besides having low subscription fee, ticktick trader charges one-time activation fees instead of ongoing data fee and keeps trading rules as simple as possible.

Moreover, you can repeatedly reset your account if you break any rules for just $85, though not recommended.

While they offer their users a free copy of Jigsaw DayTradr and Bookmap, you can integrate your account with other supported platforms.

Clients can also use multiple accounts via a single user ID, and there is no minimum trading days restriction. 

Further, the company allows you to request a payout anytime, provided the withdrawal safety threshold is met.

A dedicated FAQs section and a handful of articles explaining different concepts and terminologies are also helpful, while the 24/7 availability of customer support makes it worth considering.

The best part is that the company is currently running a promotional campaign and offers discounts of up to "40%" to those joining them this December.

So, why not select a plan, claim a discount on subscription charges and start pursuing your futures trading career right away? 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I get a Discount While Signing Up?

Yes! The firm currently holds a promotional campaign where you can get a discount of up to 40% across all packages. Just use the promotion code "DEC40" while signing up.

How many days do I need to qualify?

With TickTick, you get access to evaluation with no minimum days requirement. If you qualify within a short period of time, you may immediately submit your account for review and validation.

Can I use a trade copier?

Yes! You can use a copier in the assessment account. However, it isn't allowed in mainstream accounts. 

Do I Get A Free License For Any Trading Software?

Yes! You do get a free license to Jigsaw Tradr and Book Map.

How much will the firm charge me to cover data fees per month?

The firm offers L1 data free of cost. However, you'll be charged $12 for L2 data per month per market.

Is Jigsaw Tradr A User-Friendly Software?

Yes! It is user-friendly software. But its market depth and order flow function might seem too complicated to use for newbies. 

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