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Luca McGill  - Publisher, Transparency Advocate, Expert Trader

UPDATED: December 26, 2022 · min read

Searching for a no BS Earn2Trade review?

If so, you're in the right place.

There's a lot of buzz around Earn2Trade - especially with the gauntlet of being a professional trader in as little as 15 days.

So, does Earn2Trade live up to expectations?

That's exactly what we'll dive into today. 

Let's go!

Earn2trade logo

What Is Earn2Trade?

Earn2Trade is an education company based in Wyoming, United States. The company has been serving around since 2016.

With its rich educational resources and optimized funding solutions powered by partner prop trading firms, the company is becoming increasingly popular among professional traders worldwide.

Whether you are a day trader, portfolio manager, or just a beginner, the company holds all the resources to cater to your trading or learning needs.

The organization has several trading "challenges"  (or guantlets) designed to test the mettle of potential investors over a specified time frame. It also provides a beginner's course covering the basics of forex trading, risk management, and technical analysis techniques.

In this review, we discuss Earn2Trade in detail. 

How Earn2Trade Works?

Earn2Trade employs different challenges to assess traders' skills. Successful traders can get a funded trading account of up to $200,000 powered by Appius Trading Limited and Helios Trading Partners. 

The prepaid accounts come funded with an initial capital between $25,000 and $200,000 (depending on your progress). The firm allows traders to keep 80% of their profits from financed profiles.

Keeping things simple, the firm requires all aspirants to pass the $25000 evaluation challenge within the specified time (Minimum 15 trading days) to unlock higher funded trading accounts. 

Earn2trade signup page
Gaunlet Mini Account Types

Earn2Trade has several tools to help people learn and grow as they face new problems. Online courses, webinars, trade monitoring, a variety of downloadable charts, extensive market integration, and more resources fall under this category.

After passing the initial evaluation, clients may opt for the Gauntlet program, the Gauntlet Mini, and the Trading Career Path sponsored by a partner of earn2Trade. Each challenge has its own guidelines that traders must follow to succeed. 

Remember, no matter how reliable an educational or prop trading firm is, never pass up the opportunity to use your brain and wisdom. Some things cannot be found in books or learned through paid memberships. Truthfully, you can't refuse to embrace the experience.

Is Earn2Trade A Valid Funded Program?

Earn2trade homepage

Yes! Earn2Trade is a valid funded program existing around for over five years. Initially founded by two university professors, the program was sold to a team of expert professionals working around the clock to fine-tune the platform's working tools and manage its day-to-day operations. 

The company has excellent user reviews showing its good reputation among traders worldwide. The firm's sponsored trading account programmes are among the best in the industry, and its educational resources sufficiently empower you to learn the pain points of your trading career. Other features, such as access to Journalytix and a free trading community, are also commendable. 

Do I Recommend Earn2Trade?

Yes! I do recommend Earn2Trade and have specific valid reasons for doing so. First, the company is a trusted platform for prop traders, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. Second, you have access to rich educational resources helpful in becoming acquainted with the ins and outs of trading. Further, the company offers flexible options to achieve financial goals using a funding account featured by Helios Trading and other partners. 

Earn2trade Trustpilot rating

Further, the company's mentors are experienced traders who have passed the rigorous Series 3 and 34 exams administered by the National Futures Association (NFA). Not to mention, Money, ABC, and Entrepreneur are just a few of the prestigious media outlets that have profiled them.

Earn2Trade Key Data



9 / 10

Number of Steps:


Trailing Drawdown:


Scaling Plan:


Daily Drawdowns:


Consistency Rule:


Holidays Trading:

Not Allowed

News Trading:


Evaluation Offerings

10 / 10

Account Sizes:

$25,000 to $200,000

Account Types:


Tradable Contracts:

6 to 16

Tradable Instruments

9 / 10

Equity Futures:


Interest Rate Futures:


Currency Futures:


Agricultural Futures:


Energy Futures:


Metal Futures:


Micro Futures:


Crypto Futures:


Software & Data

9 / 10

Free NinjaTrader Software License::

Free during the Gauntlet™ / Gauntlet


Free during the Gauntlet™ / Gauntlet Mini™

R Trader Pro:

Includes 90 days live trading license Free

Free Real-time Data:

Charged by Funding

FirmMultiple Accounts:


Trade Copier Available:



9 / 10

Response Time:

5 mins

Language Support:

English, Espanol, Portuguese, Arabic

Dashboard Flatten Accounts:


Value for Money

9 / 10

Monthly Data Fees Per Account:


Reset Price:


Coupons Available:


Free Reset On Renewal:


Payout Profits Percentage:


Withdrawal Frequency:


Earn2Trade Pros & Cons

The Earn2Trade futures trading evaluation programme has numerous advantages. However, it is also worth keeping an eye on its drawbacks. Here we list both pros and cons of signing up with Earn2Trade.


  • Discounts: Earn2Trade offers promotional discounts making the overall expense reasonably low.
  • Resources: It offers free access to various trading platforms and comprehensive educational resources.
  • It supports buying and selling at the Chicago Mercantile Market (CME), the largest futures exchange in the world. 
  • Approved Firm: The firm has a team of professionals approved by the National Futures Association (NFA) - the gold standard regulator which only approves the most skilled traders to teach their courses.
  • Profit Retention: It allows traders to retain 80% of their profits.


  • No Guarantee of Payment: Since Earn2Trade is a prop firm and not a brokerage, it does not guarantee the safety of your funds deposited with third-party payment processors.  
  • Limited Support: It supports limited trading platforms compared to other proprietary trading firms.
  • Limited Trading Instruments: It offers a limited product portfolio. Prop traders are limited to futures trading at Earn2Trade and can't trade other financial instruments like forex, stocks, indices, etc.

What products does Earn2Trade offer?

The company offers two distinct funded programs and a career progression path for aspiring traders, such as the Gauntlet Mini, the Gauntlet and the Trader Career Path. Further, it also offers a beginner crash course comprising technical and fundamental courses and webinars to help traders learn how to trade proficiently and become a professional trader.

The Gauntlet and Gauntlet Mini are custom-built evaluation tools that help traders know if they are prepared to trade futures under live market conditions. The programs come with strict guidelines, leaving traders open to pursuing any viable trading plan. However, traders are encouraged to attempt them only after passing the beginner crash course. Upon successful completion, results are sent to the collaborating firms to review and welcome you on board as a prop trader.  

Beginner Crash Course

Trader Career Path

For those looking for a direct route into the professional trading industry, the firm provides them with a Trader Career Path. It begins with a test that evaluates your trading expertise, gauges your risk appetite, and instils discipline. After passing the exam, you are hired by a prop trading firm, given a trading account, and tasked with increasing the account balance following predetermined goals.

What are the Earn2Trade data fees?

You'll need to pay for everything, such as the platform or exchange data fees, the cost of the brokerage contract and applicable commissions. The broker deducts the respective charges straight from your account. 

The LiveSim account comes with one free exchange, but the data fetched from each additional exchange costs $105. On the other hand, traders who use a Live account will need to pay $105 for each exchange if they want to take advantage of the service, as there is no free offer available for live account holders. 

What are the commissions?

To succeed as a Futures trader, you must have a firm grasp on commission structures. Starting from November 1, 2022, traders can choose between two different commission structures, the Gauntlet Mini and Trader Career during the account creation process.  

After making a purchase, investors must choose their preferred exchanges and the commission structure. The standard commission rate is $2.02 per side, applied to all assets. For some assets, the commission rate may be higher than the standard $2.02. To know more details on commission, please get in touch with the firm's customer support. 

What is the Gauntlet and progression ladder?

The Gauntlet is a 60 days evaluation programme accessible for a one-time payment costing $429 US Dollars. Traders must manage a $25K funded account for 60 days and reach the 10% profit target. 

The progression ladder refers to the quota of contracts traders can open. Individuals involved in the trading industry are supposed to control their behaviour and restrict the number of contracts they trade. Profitable traders may, but are not obligated to, increase the number of open positions in their accounts as their balances grow.

Trader Career Path

What is the Gauntlet Mini?

The Gauntlet Mini is an Intra day evaluation program that lasts for 15 days. The monthly subscription cost for the Gauntlet Mini evaluation program ranges from $150 to $350, depending on the account size. 

Gauntlet Mini's account sizes range from $25,000 to $150,000, and each has its own profit targets, progression ladders, daily loss limits, and EOD drawdowns. Qualifying traders receive funded accounts supported by Helios Trading Partners. The firm allows traders to retain 80% of their achieved profits.

Does Earn2Trade support multiple accounts?

Yes! the company allows a trader to signup for multiple accounts, providing maximum trader flexibility. However, you must use a separate email for each account type. The firm's trading partner Helios allows up to three accounts per client. However, you receive funding for only one Junior LiveSim account or Junior Live account at a time. 

Please be aware that holding multiple accounts can make it difficult for you to comply with the firm's rules and regulations. Moreover, there is no leader-follower or comparable trading copy structure across accounts, and the prop firms do not facilitate traders in this regard either. Therefore, sticking to one account might be a better idea. 

How do payouts work?

The collaborating prop trading firms process withdrawals once a week (i-e, Tuesday). You must ensure to submit your payout request by 2:00 PM on the following Friday. The partner firms support multiple payment methods, including but not limited to Bank Wires, Revolut, Paypal, Payoneer, Transferwise, and cryptocurrencies. 

Withdrawal Policy

The prop companies provide payment options in conjunction with Deel, a global platform for managing contracts and payments. For funds over $500, the prop firm's $10.00 payout fee is waived in favor of the trader.

For LiveSim payouts, clients have two options: the LiveSim funding option after completing the Gaunlet Mini and Trader Career Path. 

Gaunlet Mini LiveSim Payouts

After a Gauntlet MiniTM evaluation of any size, the most a trader can cash out of a LiveSim is $4,000. The trader must earn $5,000 (after the prop firm takes its 20% cut) before he or she may withdraw the whole $4,000. The prop company will take their share while processing each payment, which will never exceed 20%.

Trader Career Path LiveSim Payouts

Payout limits for LiveSims earned via Trader Career Path are set at 80% of the respective profit target (after deducting 20% to cover the prop firm's costs). The Trader Career Path does employ any deduction on your LiveSims earnings each month.

What is the payout structure?

Traders need to reach the profit threshold of $1,750 to complete $1,400 (80%) payouts and unlock the next account level. For instance, for a $50,000 investment account, the trailing drawdown becomes $2,000, and the target profit resets to $3,000. Upon qualifying the stipulated profit targets and completing the $2,400 withdrawals for the said level, your account gets upgraded to $100,000, accompanying a profit goal of $6,000, $3,500 drawdown and $4800 withdrawal limit. The highest-value account has a withdrawal cap of $194,000, and the daily loss limit is set to $4400, while it comes with a starting balance of $200,000. 

What are the funding rules?

Both Gauntlet and Gauntlet Mini evaluation programs have their own set of rules. Let's review them one by one. 

Gauntlet Funding Rules

  1. Traders must complete the assessment Gauntlet Funding challenge within 60 days. 
  2. The firm requires clients to submit their entire trading plan using the dashboard. 
  3. While the maximum drawdown limit is 10%, traders must meet or exceed the 10% profit goal threshold. 
  4. Traders must maintain consistency, such that they must place at least one trade each week and complete a minimum of 30 trading days.

Note: The prop firm provides $25,000 in the capital, accessible as a margin to traders from day one. 

Gauntlet Mini Funding Rules

  1. Traders need to complete a minimum of 15 trading days. 
  2. The balance of your account should not fall below the specified level. 
  3. Clients must avoid hitting the daily stop-loss limits. 
  4. Prop traders must ensure to trade between the approved timings only. 
  5. Consistency is the prerequisite of the Gaunlet Mini funding challenge. That means you shouldn't expect your single trading day have a weightage of more than 30% of your total profits and loss. 

Remember, failing to comply with the above-mentioned rules will result in disqualification. Clients always have the option to reset accounts during evaluation for a base price of $100. However, Live or LiveSim accounts can't be reset. 

Earn2Trade Pricing Breakdown

Traders can start by signing up for their virtually funded trading account on live data with an account balance between $25,000 to $200,000. On completing each challenge, Earn2Trade partner firms accommodate your financial needs per your risk tolerance level and available investment. 

We believe the Gauntlet Mini programme is one of the least expensive challenges to access Earn2Trade's trading and education resources. Each Gaunlet Mini Challenge comes with a subscription fee ranging from $150 to $350 per month, depending on the trading account you aim for. 

However, you only pay a one-time fee for the Gaunlet Funding program, which is $429 for the entire 60-day evaluation.  

Earn2Trade Main Alternatives - Earn2Trade Vs OneUp Trader vs Apex Trader Funding

While Earn2Trade is a competitive educational program, you might want to know what rival prop trading firms like TopStep, Leeloo and OneUp hold for you. Below is a quick comparison to help you know which firm appeals to you more. 


UpProfit Trader


Minimum Qualification Days




Evaluation Drawdown




Funded Account Drawdown




Holiday and News Trading


Rithmic Platform


Ninja Trader Platform


TradingView Platform


Tradovate Platoform


Finamark Platform


Free reset on renewal


Evaluation Reset Price




Withdrawal Frequency

Weekly on Tuesdays

Monday to Friday

Twice a month

Profit share

80% and $10 per withdrawal below $500

100% on first $8,000 after safety net
80% afterwards

100% on first $25,000
80% afterwards

Qualified monthly data fees


$0; One time fee required between $99 to $380.


Overall rating





While comparing the three platforms stated above, we first noticed the fee element. Both Leeloo and OneUp prop trading firms have low subscription plans than Earn2Trade. For example, clients can start with a $220 fee for a 100K funded program at Leeloo, while OneUp offers a 100K account for a monthly charge of $240. On the other hand, you need to pay $315 to get funded for the same account level when trading with Earn2Trade. 

Further, the profit retention ratio is also somewhat higher at Leeloo and OneUp since they both allow you to withhold 90% of your profits, though for a specified amount. 

Also, the account reset cost amounts to $100 at Earn2Trade, while that's not the case with the Leeloo prop trading firm. You can have your account reset for $85 only. 

Who is better: Earn2Trade or OneUp? To assist you in making an educated choice when signing up with either site, we compare and contrast essential features, such as the evaluation process, supported platforms, and customer service.

Evaluation Process

Both Earn2Trade and OneUp Trader require a minimum of 15 trading days to complete one of their challenges. However, OneUp Trader has the edge over Earn2Trade as you only need to pay $150 instead of paying a monthly subscription price of $170 for a $50,000 account. 

Supported Platforms

Earn2Trade offers Rhythmic/Ninja Trader as its supported trading platform, while OneUp Trader provides access to multiple trading platforms, such as Ninja Trader, R Trader Pro, Agena Trader, and many more. 

Customer Support

Both platforms offer live chat assistance if you wish to connect with customer support. Further, each company has a dedicated FAQs section to allow clients to look for a quick resolution to their queries and concerns independently. Regarding telephone support, OneUp Trader has listed its contact number on its website, while Earn2Tarde provides a link to its WhatsApp number. Both companies have also mentioned the physical address of their support office on their websites. 

Earn2Trade Promo Coupon

Earn2Trade frequently runs promo coupons. 



🎄Christmas Sale- 50% Off🎄

50% off all products and 50% off lifetime of the evaluation.
Restrictions: Valid in Full Price Evaluations

Expires: Midnight CST Dec 31, 2022



🥊Gauntlet Mini Sale🥊

Applies only to Guantlet Mini
Restrictions: Full Price Evaluations



🛣️ Trader Career Path Sale 🛣️

Applies only to Trader Career Path Restrictions: Full Price Evaluations

Testing Methodology Summary

We put Earn2Trade through a test to figure out how it feels to trade forex and futures while scaling up from junior live account to a senior live account and unlocking higher trader programs. We'd like to share our findings with you. 

  1. Dashboard: The sleekly designed trading dashboard allows you to access all major areas of Earn2Trade by scrolling via the comfort of your members' area. 
  2. Chart types: The powerful charting options featured by the Finmax platform provide a clearer picture of the trend direction of the underlying futures contracts and help you make an informed trading decision. Notably, the charts now also include important dates to help you track upcoming major economic news events.
  3. Order ticketing: In some cases, it may be possible to trade with just a single click. You may use the order ticket for complex orders. 
  4. Journalytix tracking: Your trades automatically upload to Journalytix during your subscription period. You can organise your transactions in different categories and determine the most successful tactics for you. Additionally, you can export the information for further examination in Microsoft Excel.
  5. Customer support: Reaching customer support directly from your trading dashboard is also possible. 
  6. Educational Course: Access to a beginner's crash course comprising nearly 60 videos is a valuable feature of the platform. While educational resources come with different challenges, you can also have lifetime access to them as a stand-alone product for a $199 one-time fee.  

In short, we found the Earn2Trade platform worth signing up. At least, it deserves to be tried for once. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Earn2Trade?

Earn2Trade is an educational firm founded in 2016. With its headquarters in the United States, the company serves prop traders worldwide. 

Who manages Earn2Trade?

Professional traders, educationists, and developers with years of experience in the field of forex and stock trading manage the firm's day-to-day operations. 

Is it safe to visit Earn2Trade Website?

Yes! It is safe to visit the Earn2Trade website. The company employs advanced security protocols such as SSL encryption to protect clients' confidential data from intruders. 

What does Earn2Trade offer?

Earn2Trade offers advanced and entry-level education courses that teach you how to trade effectively. It also enables you to get access to live trading accounts powered by its partner props trading firms, such as Gauntlet, Gaunlet Mini and Trade Career Path.


This wraps up our Earn2Trade review.

Earn2Trade provides both inexperienced and seasoned traders with the necessary training and information to enter the world of proprietary trading.

Beginners can learn the advanced skills required for success in futures trading and start turning a profit with the help of great third-party tools and in-house educational resources. 

But Earn2Trade's evaluation procedure seems a little stringent. While you must remain consistent with the performance, the ladder progression rules also look challenging. Further, clients must pay $420 to access the leading exchanges, making the firm's overall pricing look expensive.

Lastly, if you want to enhance your learning experience, there is no better option than signing up with Earn2Trade.

However, you shouldn't overlook other prop trading firms like Apex Trader Funding or OneUp if you only want a funded trading account. We reviewed Earn2Trade in detail to help you make an informed decision, and now it entirely depends on you to decide which way you want to go. 

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