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UPDATED: December 27, 2022 · min read

Wanting a Bulenox Trader Funding Review based on actual results?

Look no further.

The company claims to be a competitive choice for prop traders by leveraging first-class trading on international financial markets and providing state-of-the-art tools to its customers. 

The firm also boasts about its multiple account sizes, risk management features, flexible trading terms, and highest payouts. 

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Does it live up to it's 'innovative approach' that they claim?

We'll find out in this trading review. Let's dive in!

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How Does Bulenox Qualification Account Works?

Like other prop trading firms, Bulenox also requires clients to pass the evaluation to gain access to funded futures trading programs.

There are two options to select during signup:

  1. No scaling
  2. EOD accounts

After deciding the account types and size, you must complete the registration process and verify your identity.

Once registered, download and install your preferred trading platform, such as R Trader Pro or Ninja/Rithmic Trader. Now you need to connect to the platform to get started. 

different types of Bulenox Trader accounts

Is Bulenox Trader Funding A Valid Funded Program?

Yes! Bulenox Trader Funding is a valid funded program. The company is known to have higher standards of transparency for its evaluation process.

Successful aspirants get access to their required size of funded programs, and the company seems consistent with its payout policy. 

Further, the firm employs advanced security protocols to safeguard the privacy of its customers. 

Do I Recommend Bulenox?

Yes! I do recommend Bulenox for various reasons.

First, the company is flexible with its terms and conditions.

While it doesn't restrict traders to a specific account, clients can choose the end-of-the-day drawdown with scaling or opt for the no-scaling plan.

Further, it employs a competitive pricing structure compared to other prop firms like Apex Trader Funding, TopStep etc., which certainly offers the firm an edge over its competitors.

Moreover, the company assists clients on a run-time basis, though customer support availability is subject to office hours. 

Bulenox Key Data



10 / 10

Number of Steps:


Trailing Drawdown:


Scaling Plan:


Daily Drawdowns:


Consistency Rules:



Not Allowed

News Releases Trading:



9 / 10

Account Sizes:

$25,000 to $150,000

Account Options:


Tradable Contracts:

3 to 15

Tradable Instruments

9.5 / 10

Equity Futures:


Interest Rate Futures:


Currency Futures:


Agricultural Futures:


Energy Futures:


Metal Futures:


Micro Futures:


Crypto Futures:

Only Micro Bitcoin

Software & Data

9.5 / 10

Free NinjaTrader Software License:


Free Real-time Data:


Multiple Accounts Allowed:


Trade Copier Available:



10 / 10

Response Time:

Less than 5 Minutes

Language Support:


Dashboard Flatten Accounts:


Value for Money

10 / 10

Monthly Data Fees Per Account:

$12 per exchange or $35 for a bundle

Coupons Available:


Free Reset On Renewal:


Payout profits percentage:

100% on the first $10,000, then 80% after

Withdrawal Frequency:


Pros & Cons

Here we list some pros and cons of signing up with Bulenox.


  • It supports multiple withdrawals
  • It doesn't require you to remain consistent
  • Bulenox supports micro-bitcoin contracts (MBT)
  • It offers flexible account sizes.
  • Bulenox-funded programs are cheaper in pricing.


  • Bulenox is a relatively new entrant in the market
  • It lacks informational resources or a rich knowledge base to educate clients about a specific trading program

Is Bulenox Legit Or Scam?

Yes! Bulenox is a legit trader funding company. The self-regulatory organisation always follows through with its commitments as outlined under its policies.

The company holds an excellent reputation amongst traders and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

The company is cherished for its quick withdrawal policy combined with outclass customer support. 

Although the company seems to be a legitimate concern, you must consult a financial professional before staking your interest in it. 

Bulenox Trader Trustpilot rating

Why Choose Bulenox Platform?

The firm's primary benefit is that it is available to anybody interested in financially assisted trading programs.

The company accepts clients from almost all parts of the world without discrimination.

It eliminates the need for you to worry about losing money or meeting an exceptionally high financial threshold to become a part of the prop firm.

The company offers accommodating terms, limits your risk exposure, provides you with the highest payouts, and supports low-cost resets. 

Bulenox Trader advantages

Does Bulenox Support Multiple Accounts Or Multiple Prop Firms?

Yes! Bulenox does support multiple accounts or multiple prop firms.

Clients can have several additional accounts, provided you have them under one Rithmic user ID.

You only need to use your main account credentials while signing in to your account and can access all your accounts listed on your interface, such as NinjaTrader, R Trader Pro, etc. 

However, you may want to access accounts set up with other proprietary firms, like Apex Trader Funding or Leeloo.

In that case, you must use a separate rhythmic connection and have different login credentials to access each platform. In short, you can have only one rhythmic connection on the same machine at a given time. 

Does Bulexnox Offer Forex Trading? 

Yes! It does offer forex trading. However, currency futures are the only option to explore amid forex trading.

Does Bulenox Split The Number Of Allowed Contracts Specific To E-minis And Micros? 

Bulenox splits the number of allowed contracts into 10 micros to 1 mini. Please be informed that we confirmed it from customer support before buying an account with the company a few months ago. 

What Is The Difference Between No Scaling And EOD Drawdown?

Two options are available when you register for the evaluation account: No scaling (trailing drawdown) and EOD drawdown (End of Day Drawdown). 

No Scaling Account: This account comes with a trailing drawdown feature that follows your account's current balance. Your maximum drawdown stays intact even if your balance drops.

Notably, the company shuts down your account if the drawdown exceeds than acceptable level. However, you may start over with a new account or reset the current one.

EOD: The EOD account involves the incorporation of your drawdown at the end of the day.

The account only considers the realised profit at the end of each trading day and automatically gets updated to reflect any increase in the value of your account balance. 

Suppose you have a $50,000 account with a maximum drawdown of $1,500.

Your account gets blocked upon reaching $98,500. However, if you close your day accumulating $1000 profit, your drawdown becomes $99,500.

What Does Bulenox Do If Your Evaluation Account Is In The Busted State At Renewal?

If you violate one of the rules and your account gets busted, Bulenox allows you to reset your qualifying account for a small fee. Alternatively, you can wait until your subscription renews, and your account will reset automatically.

Please note that this will not affect the date your monthly membership is renewed.

You'll have a new account (same login) with a reset balance when the transaction settles the following business day. The fee you need to pay for a reset is $78. 

Bulenox Trader account reset

Can You Replicate Your Trades Once You Have All Your Bluenox Accounts Added To Ninjatrader? 

Replikanto from Flowbots allows you to replicate trades from one NT8 account to all others with a single click. A master account can be anyone you choose. https://flowbots.ninja/

What Are The Commissions?

The commissions vary depending on the underlying financial instrument.

However, they stay between 0.66 and 3.21 per side per future contracts.

The company hasn't shared more details about its commission structure except for sharing the link below.

Please click the link to get redirected to the page where you may find the exact commission charged against different tradable assets. 




 Equity Indexes


E-mini S&P MidCap 400 Futures



E-mini S&P 500 Futures



E-mini Russell 2000 Futures



E-mini NASDAQ 100 Futures



Micro E-mini S&P 500 Futures



Micro E-mini Nasdaq 100 Futures



Micro E-mini Russell 2000




Micro Bitcoin Futures



Micro Ether Futures


Interest Rates


Eurodollar Futures




Australian Dollar Futures



E-micro Australian Dollar Futures



British Pound Futures



E-micro British Pound Futures



Canadian Dollar Futures



E-micro Canadian Dollar Futures



Euro FX Futures


How Do Payouts Work? 

The company supports multiple payment methods, including Debit cards, Credit cards and Paypal.

While clients can request withdrawals anytime during the month, the company processes payments every 1st and 16th of the following month.

All payments are released to your bank account, or you can request them using PayPal, Zelle, or Payoneer.

Traders may initiate the first payment request after completing at least 20 trading days.

You must complete at least 12 days of trading for the second and third payment requests.

From the fourth withdrawal request onwards, there is no restriction concerning the completion of minimum trading days.

What Is The Payout Structure?

While the minimum withdrawal amount is $1,000, the maximum withdrawal limit depends on your selected account type.

For instance, it is $1,500 for the $25,000 account, whereas you can withdraw a maximum of $2,500 out of a $250,000 account. 

For the first $10,000 profit, you can retain 100% of it.

However, the company takes 20% of the profit share onwards.

Once you have met the $50,000 withdrawal threshold, the company's share reduces to 10% only. 

What Are The Funding Rules? 

Both qualification and the master account come with a certain set of rules as follows.

Rules for Qualification Account:

  1. You need to complete a minimum of 10 trading days to qualify for the funding program. 
  2. You must enter and exit your positions within the allowed timings. For instance, the Bulenox trading day starts at 5:00 PM GMT and ends at 4:00 PM GMT the following day. Please be informed that you are not allowed to trade on public holidays or weekends. 
  3. While you can have opened several positions simultaneously, the maximum position size depends on your selected account type.
  4. You must reach or exceed the profit target within the stipulated time to pass the evaluation.
  5. You must not hit your account's maximum drawdown limit. Essentially, it takes time to recover the balance which could create a problem for you. 
  6. While 01 standard contract equals 10 micro contracts, you can trade both of them simultaneously. 

Note: If you have exhausted all possible drawdowns, you can get a fresh start by rebalancing your trading account.

The company immediately takes action on the reset and sends you a confirmation email right away. 

It is worth mentioning that the subscriber's starting balance is the only thing that is changed when the account is reset, so he may keep trading on the same account.

Any prior profits or losses will be disregarded. Moreover, the ten-day threshold for active trading will not include any previously-counted days. Instead, the trader must put in 10 trading days once again.

Rules for Qualification Account:

The Master Account operates under the same set of rules as the Qualification Account, except that a reset is not possible. 

What Is The Bulenox Discount Code?

Bulenox keeps running promotional campaigns and offers discounts from time to time.



All Account Tiers

Applies to All Account Tiers:
10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 150k, 250k



40% Off Select Options

Applies to:
1) Option 1 - 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 150k
2) Option 2 - 10k, 50k, 100k, 150k, 250k



70% Off Select Options

Applies to:

1) Option 1 - 25k, 50k, 100k
2) Option 2 - 25k, 50k, 100k

Pricing Breakdown

Bulenox offers a competitive pricing structure. The pre-funded futures trading account comes in four tiers.

While the minimum capital available is $25,000, clients can access a $150,000 funded program at maximum. 

Registering for a $25,000 plan will cost $145/month. However, you can select the bigger account size ($50,000) for even a reduced cost of $125/month by using the discount code.

The company also offers to save up to $60 if you register for the $100,000 plan. The last tier is the maximum account size for a monthly charge of $325. 

Account Size

Price First Month/ Later Months*





$145 / $65





$175 / $75





$215 / $215





$325 / $325




Bulenox Alternatives - Bulenox VS Apex Trader Funding VS UProfit

Despite the favourable conditions you have at Bulenox, you should consider comparing it with other prop firms like Apex Trader Funding and UProfit.

Let's quickly find out how Bulenox differs from the two we've just listed.

You can also review the main differences between each platform here. 



Apex Trader Funding


Minimum Qualification Days




Evaluation Drawdown

Both Trailing & End of the Day



Funded Account Drawdown

Both Trailing & End of the Day



Holiday and News Trading


Rithmic Platform


Ninja Trader Platform


TradingView Platform


Tradovate Platoform


Finamark Platform


Free reset on renewal


Evaluation Reset Price




Withdrawal Frequency

Twice a month

Monday to Friday

Twice a month

Profit share

100% on first $10,000
80% afterwards

100% on first $8,000 after safety net
80% afterwards

100% on first $25,000
80% afterwards

Qualified monthly data fees

$12 per exchange or $35 for a bundle

$0; One time fee required between $99 to $380.


Overall rating




Best deal

The first difference is the number of funding programs available at the prop firms.

While Apex Trader Funding offers eight plans, you only have four programs accessible at both Bulenox and UProfit. 

Secondly, users have access to multiple educational and informational resources to learn the ropes of trading at Apex, which is not the case with both Bulenox and UProfit.

Both firms lack to offer educational resources to their clients, making the Apex Trader a clear winner. 

Concerning pricing structure, Bulenox has a certain edge over Apex and UProfit pricing.

Both Apex and UProfit subscription cost is way more than Bulenox.

For instance, you pay a monthly subscription of $160 for a 50K funded program at UProfit, while Apex requires you to go for the same plan for $167 a month.

On the other hand, you can subscribe to a $50K funded plan for just $125 per month, though you need to use a discount code. 

Concerning customer support, Bulenox is the definite winner. Apex and UProfit need you to create a ticket if you require help.

However, you can get connected with a live agent round the clock at Bulenox. 

Testing Methodology Summary

We tested Bulenox to see how it is to trade with an evaluation and a funded account.

Honestly, we found it pretty convincing. From the dashboard to available trading tools, charting patterns, and efficient customer support, everything seems aligned with high industry standards.

While the company offers a quick evaluation process, its budgeted pricing structure, flexible funded trader programs and availability of multiple trading terminals certainly delighted us. 

Please be informed that Bulenox is also a self-regulatory organization.

That means it is not subject to any governmental supervision.

Although prop firms seldomly require regulations or host investor compensation programs since they deal with their own money.

However, having no check can open the door for them to manipulate results and keep you struggling to access your desired capital besides cracking a monthly subscription fee. 


Bulenox offers the most authentic futures trader evaluation programs managed by a team of authorized professionals with years of trading experience in the forex industry.

While it is one of the new companies in prop trading, people don't seem to have many complaints about it.

Low-priced deals, cutting-edge technology, and flexible trading conditions make it a global platform for everyone to come on board and start trading.

If you're also looking for a rewarding funded program and want to explore your full trading potential without risking your actual funds, then Bulenox may be the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Bulenox offer demo accounts?

Yes! Bulenox offers 14 days trial period so you may practice your trading skills.

However, demo programs come with many inherent limitations of hypothetical trading.

No matter how successful an Intraday trader has been in the preparation of hypothetical performance results, they are likely to vary from actual trading results when you go live. 

Essentially, you don't always have the benefit of hindsight unless you experience it under real circumstances. 

Does Bulenox compensate clients for promoting it?

Yes! like other firms who compensate advertisement contributors for their sponsored products, Bulenox also offers a referral commission.

The good news is that you can also earn a commission of up to 15% on your referrals. 

Does Bulenox have representation on social media?

Yes! The company is active on Twitter, though it doesn't have a huge fan following.

With more than 53 tweets, the company could attract 466 followers as yet. 

Is It Safe To Signup With Bulenox?

Like all other prop firms, Bulenox is self-regulated. Though it is a highly recommended firm, you must be careful while trading. No matter how good an organisation claims to be, the risk of price manipulation is always there, especially when no regulatory authority is keeping a check.

Therefore, always find certified financial advisors to consult or seek an opinion from a financial professional before making any financial decision or staking your money in a particular trading program. 

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