About Us

About Our Company

TradingKit is a pro-consumer website providing reviews, information, tools, and comparisons for traders in the US, Canada, UK and globally. 

Founded in 2017, we're a team of 5 researchers, writers, and editors covering a range of trading topics. We extensively test and review trading prdocuts including prop firms, trading platforms, charting tools, brokers and more. 

Millions of people have visited TradingKit.co and trust us to help them make more savvy decisions when finding tools for trading.

Our Research

Our research has uncovered intricate details impacting traders worldwide. Our researchers have identified and exposed bad practices in the trading industry.

We carry out extensive testing of services, including prop firms and charting tools. We conduct a battery of tests on products and services we review, such as trade execution testing, and support response times.

Mission Statement

TradingKit strives to promote trading transparency for all. We're committed to providing intricate details to help traders become more aware.

How We Make Money

Our reviews contain product links in the article. These links allow us to earn a referral fee if you, the reader, signs up for the service. This fee helps us maintain and fund the website with more articles beneficial to you in the future.

We are 100% committed to putting the interests of our readers first and we would never allow a paid relationship to ruin the integrity of our writing. If there is an issue with a product or service, we will mention it directly in the article.

Meet Our Team

TradingKitters are highly passionate about trading. They are based around the globe and aligned in the mission of promoting trading transparency to the world.

Luca Mcgill


Luca McGill

Experienced senior publisher with 15+ years of experience managing multiple websites, groups, and programs. Recognized for outstanding writing, publishing, and editorial skills. Previous publication experience includes overseeing multiple tribes and clans, coordinating five publishers, and maintaining 13 online tribes.

Zach Crossley

Chief Editor

Peter Schmidt

Experienced editor with 14+ years of experience in editing a variety of written materials for print, online, and broadcast media. Skilled editor with strong grammar skills, excellent research capabilities, and exceptional publishing knowledge. Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills with exceptional communication and organizational skills.

Zach Crossley

Executive creative director

Carina Riley

I am an accomplished creative professional with 10 years of experience working with top brands in a variety of industries. I have a strong background in design, marketing, project management, and advertising. My responsibilities include creating a website that is both beautiful and technically sound. I collaborate with the team to create digital ad campaigns, design merchandise, and manage relationships with retailers.

Daphne Hughes

director of marketing

Daphne Hughes

Daphe has an extensive background in marketing strategy, strategic planning, and promotional planning. Accomplished manager of multiple teams driving projects from inception to completion, and able to anticipate future trends.

Tobey Cheung

product testing manager

Tobey Cheung

A highly motivated, results-driven professional with over 15 years of experience developing and directing successful test management and quality assurance practices in technology-driven environments. Strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills with a history of working in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. Highly proficient in defining and implementing processes, standards and procedures. 

Niko Melia

Senior staff writer

Niko Melia

Niko is an experienced Senior Staff Writer with proven ability to collaborate with administrative and technical writing teams on research, editing, and proofreading assignments. Strong organizational skills with thorough project-management capabilities, and ability to manage multiple projects with tight deadlines.